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I have to admit, I spend quite a lot of time on instagram. Especially lately because I am not working and I am at home 24/7. I decided I am going to share what to search to find cute GIFs on instagram. Those are my presonal favorites. So next time when you want to add cute GIFs to your story just try these, you won’t regret it.


Pinkish and cute.. If you are a little bit romantic or a big dreamer this GIF set is for you! Check it out just for inspiration to really kick your contect up a notch.

greendotori & ohlalalita

Super simple, but i love to add those to my stories. Just the right amount of cuteness, because we don’t want to be too cheezy right? 😉


Its simple but still so chic! Try to use bunch of those on your story if your photo need some extra attention. Pastels will do the magic.


Sometimes all you need is some simple black and white GIFs to take your stories to the next level. Just remember- there is beauty in simplicity.


Simple, but with colors. Pretty for birthdays and holidays.


For all retro lovers! From baking to fashion to free time. It’s covering everything you need!


Add some sparkle to your day, some baloons to your birthday or some rainbow to your morning coffee. Golden miracle with gladdest.


Totally a morning GIFs. Coffee, coffee and more coffee.

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