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It is always a hustle to get the right bikinis that stay on right? I really don’t want to be bothered with bikinis while I surf. Forget about nip slips or your bikinis falling to your ankles every time you duck dive. 

So that’s why I prepared a list of bikinis and suits I like the most plus some discount codes! Thank me later 😉

Zealous clothing 

I am collaborating with Zealous for about 6 years now and I can’t be happier to be a part of the family. Their Ocean collection is made with recycled fishing nets.

You have an option for all kinds of coverage plus strings on the bottom so there is no way they fall off. I would recommend them to everyone, because I am pretty sure those are the best bikinis ever!

Check them out: https://zealousclothing.de

You can use the code ‘’ZALA’’ to get 10% off!

Soulti surf

I have never tried their bikinis, but I tried one piece and it is my favourite! So comfy and the cut is just perfect. There is no stitches on a bum and that’s what it makes it perfect and comfortable and cheeky. I love to wear one piece because it stays on and also long sleeved design protects you from the sun (at least shoulders and arms).

They are making bikinis from recycled fishing nets.

Use the code ‘’zalacuden’’ to get 10% off!


Halla x Halla

I wear those for small waves, because on the bigger waves it is not the best. But the cuts, colors and patterns are just amazing. I fell in love with the brand a while ago and they are just getting better and better. They are transforming plastic waste into sustainable swimwear that stands out.



I tried wetsuit bikinis from Billabong and I have to say that is the thing! They totally fit to my body and stays on in every condition.


Island her

Perfect one piece from this brand is what you need! You will definitely stand out with this one. It stays on and the cut is just perfect.

Use code ZALA20 to get 20% off!


Ps: This post is not sponsored. I just want to help you all to get the perfect swimsuit.

Enjoy the ride!

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