The country with amazing culture, beautiful beaches and great white sharks. My 3 weeks journey was amazing. I flew from Europe to Johannesburg (two flights) and then to East London, which is in south east of South Africa. My friend lives near that place, so that was the best option for me. First we stayed at Haga Haga for a week, which is a tiny town about an hour from East London. I surfed for the first time there. My friend Greig organised everything so I got a board and stoked as I am I was in the water as soon as there were some waves. The first rule for surfers: you should never surf alone. Why? I think it’s more or less because there is 50% less chance that shark attacks you. They are everywhere. Literally. I didnt feel safe in the water, because even locals check around all the time and that just makes me nervous. For the first time I surfed with dolphins. I wanted to scream, but I knew I shouldn’t because Greig was on the beach and I was afraid he would think something is wrong.

After that we headed to Gonubie, Greig’s home town. If you travel to South Africa, you will 100% try their delicious biscuit- rusks. That’s their classic breakfast…plus coffee. Next day we surfed the most sharky place in East London called Nahoon beach. Many attacks happened in the last years, but that doesn’t stop surfers. 

The idea was to go to Transkai which is on the east part of South Africa, but at the end we decided to travel and explore the whole south coast. First stop was Addo elephant park. The best experience ever. It took us the whole day to drive through, but it’s so worth it. We drove through safari and there are elephants everywhere. Sometimes even so close that you are a bit scared. Those animals are just so amazing. We visited also cheetah sanctuary and a little ZOO.

On the way to Cape Town we stopped in J-bay which is well known for good waves. We were a bit unlucky because there were no waves at that time. We drove 3-7 hours a day. We went to the southern spot of Africa where the Indian and Atlantic ocean meet. On the way we stopped for some delicious food and their traditional milk tart.

I read about South Africa alot. The most stereotipic thing you can read is that is full of criminal and that you should be careful. In general I felt really safe, but that’s also because I was traveling around with the local. Although I am not used to houses being surrounded by electric fence. There were some moments when Greig said ”We’re not gonna stop here” and he locked us in the car. So yes, there are sketchy areas, but if you avoid them, you will be fine.

When we arrived to Cape Town I was surprised how beautiful it is. We surfed in Llundadno and Long beach. Water was freezing, so one hour session is more than enough.

We also visited penguins on their famous Boulders beach. 

I would highly recommend visiting South Africa, especially Cape Town area! If you want to know more feel free to contact me, so i can recommend more cool spots.

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  1. Love this Zara ! Taking my first trip to Africa in July for a month ! Completely open and flexible . Any other suggestions would be great ! Also , thoughts on traveling as a vegan . Volunteer work opportunities? Hope all is well ! Colleen 🌈

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