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We all know how hard the ”Instagram game” become. Don’t expect your Instagram will
grow in a day- it is not going to happen. It takes a lot of time and work to make it
outstanding. But don’t worry, everyone can do it as long as you are into it.
Here are 7 tips to follow if you want to have great account.

1. Find you target group
Are you into traveling? Surfing? Food? It doesn’t matter what you like, it is important to find
your target group. They will appreciate your content and your engagement will grow.
Connect with your favourite profiles, also tagging them is a good idea- that’s how they will
notice you.

2. Post daily
This is one of the basic rules for the good and interesting account. Let’s say one photo per
day, sometimes two if you have something interesting to show. You want your followers to
know you exist. So if you post once a week, they won’t even see your photo, maybe just
scroll over. Although sometimes is better not to post if you don’ have a good photo.
Try to include videos, or two photos at the same time, so you show more and make story
with it.

3. Stories
There is more people checking your stories than seeing your posts. So make stories! At the
beginning it is not easy, but your followers are hungry for updates and they would love to
see what is happening in your everyday life. There are couple of programs I use that helps
me with making my stories nice. I use Lightroom (Mobile version), VSCO, Facetune, InShot,
Mojo, and Unfold. Try it and see what you like the most.

4. Good content
Try to be innovative because it pays off! It is happening a lot that everyone is taking pictures
in the same place, with the same clothes and they still get tons of likes. Still, do you want
your Instagram to look like everyone elses? I don’t think so. Explore new places, find new
angles and make your Instagram a masterpiece. If you are not the best in taking photos,
don’t worry, nobody was great at the beginning. Step by step you will get better. I highly
recommend to download Lightroom CC Classic for post production. It is easy to use and you
can also get presets so all you need to do is click on it and voila, perfect colours. You can get
presets here: link
Also one of the most important tips is, post vertical photos. It appears bigger and it will
attract more attention from your followers.

5. Captions Write what happened to you, what you are up to, interesting things that happened. Quotes
are fun and all but you can’t use them all the time, because it gets boring. Be creative, play
with the captions.

6. Check insights
Why? To see what you should post more and what your followers are interested in. You
need a business account to have this option, but everyone can make it. It is very useful, you
can check insight for each photo, when to post, where your followers are from etc.

Okay let’s talk reality. We are too lazy to like, comment, try to get engagement. BUT, do not
use any automatic programs! Instagram have an algorithm which punish you for every
suspicious thing you do (too many likes, comments,…). Your posts won’t be visible to your
followers anymore, and not visible for potential followers. That’s how your engagement will
drop, even if you have thousands of followers. Not worth it.

In general don’t do it for likes. If you are doing it for likes, you are doing it for the wrong reason.

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