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Welcome to my website. It's my journal about surfing, traveling and just being a beach bum who can't imagine life out of water. It's all written, created by me, Zala Čuden. I am thrilled you found me and my site and i hope it's as fun for you to read it as it is for me to create it. People often ask me how can i afford traveling so much. I work as a surf instructor. Yes, that's a job. Plus I work as a social media manager, which allows me to work from wherever.


My Tropical vibes preset pack is very colourful, bright and perfect for everyone who would like to take their photos to the next level. I use these presets for my Instagram and blog as well. Presets are inspired by my travel adventures to tropics. These presets enhance the natural tones of any picture helping them pop and stand out, while preserving their natural essence. Perfect for anything from ocean blues, to beach vibes, these all around presets are everything you will need on your next trip.

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Brownies & Cookies

Quarantine gave us so much time right? People are saying everyone is a chef now, everyone is a gym instructor...

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South Africa

The country with amazing culture, beautiful beaches and great white sharks. My 3 weeks journey was amazing. I flew from...

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If you want to say hi, collaborate with me or just make my day, shoot me a message using the contact form or email me at zalacuden@gmail.com

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